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24’0 X 8’0


"Strathshooglie" is based on West Highland Practice - it does not represent any one location but rather is a mixture of a few - many who have seen the layout seem to think it represents Crianlarich.

Basically it is a single track with a passing loop in the main station and a goods loop giving access to a fairly extensive goods yard.

The name comes from the fact that the area is renowned for earth tremors - usually felt after closing time. The Locals resent the thought that they are drunk and fall down, rather they claim the ground moves under them !!

The layout can be run in various guises - Steam : Steam and Green Diesel : Blue Diesel and latterly as ultra modern. All trains are representations of those which actually worked on the West Highland - although with the bang 'up to date' version we did take some liberties and used stock that has run on the West Highland - Class 156 Units and Class 37 and 66 diesels, and stock that we think could run in the future e.g. Class 158 and 170 Units.

Although it is a single track, the layout is wired in such a fashion that we can run two trains on the main circuit towards the station and still shunt the yard. We do not work to a timetable, rather we try to keep things moving - it is not a layout that lets you 'nod off' in the way that a continuous run does.





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