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Mafekin Camp & Ka Quay


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Mafekin Camp was a busy camp in World War II. The camp originally provided basic training for recruits before becoming a transit camp housing some of the thousands of American and Canadian service personnel that landed at Ka Quay, just a short distance from the main camp.

After the War the Camp became home for the local T.A. but due to cut backs it was closed down in the early sixties and fell into disrepair, lying derelict for many years.  A group of military enthusiasts took it over and with lots of hard work it is as you see it today. Nissen huts that were home to military personal in war time are now home to displays of uniforms, equipment such as weapons, radios and the like, a first aid post and the all important NAAFI (Navy, Army & Air Force Institute) where the men went to relax when not on duty. Many of the other Nissen huts were stores and have been adapted to suit the needs of the camp today.

This weekend the camp is holding its annual ‘War Weekend’ when the clock is turned back to the years between 1939 and 1945. The Camp staff become civilian or military personnel dressed in clothing of the period. Period vehicles from the push bike to the tank are also ‘rallied’ for the event (both Allied and Axis forces on display today). On parade you will find Major Disaster, Corporal Punishment and Private Parts to name but a few.

At the other end of the layout is Ka Quay a small harbour which saw plenty of traffic during war time with the arrival of troops, munitions and food supplies for the camp and tanks, trucks and field and anti aircraft guns in support of the wider war effort.


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